DRAFT GIFC-Minutes-2023-02-09

GIFC Meeting Minutes 2/9/23

Call to order approximately 7:00 PM

Committee Members in attendance: John Hopkins, Andy Leech, Allen Bush, Gabe Murphy

Community Guests in attendance: Lisa Charnock, Freya Gladish, Becca Fong, Steve Orsini (Zoom)

Public comment:

Freya inquired about the reports of vandalism and theft in the Anacortes ferry parking lots. A short conversation was had regarding reports of community members falling victim to various auto related incidents. Allen mentioned that APD has a community support officer who reports should be directed to. There was a question about the potential of the new ferry parking policy providing better security, but there was no information provided in the fare proposal that might lead to increased security being provided.

Lisa Charnock introduced herself. She is the new POC for GICCA.

Becca Fong introduced herself. She is interested in knowing more about the committee and the fare proposal.

John offered to connect with Rachel about security during the haulout.

Allen offered to talk to the APD community support officer regarding the haulout.

APD Non-Emergency line: (360) 428-3211

APD Community Support Officer Brent Lindquist direct line: (360) 588-8234

Regular Committee Business:

  • January minutes were approved as amended. Gabe to post to Linetime, Andy to post to GICCA
  • It was agreed that the GIFC letter to the BOCC/SCPW, and the info regarding the January 3rd public meeting would be posted to the GIFC Linetime page separate from minutes, under the “Correspondence” page.

Treasurer’s Report:

Election Fund: -$50, Wheelbarrow Fund: +$100

GIFC Comments on Rate Study:

Allen, John, and Andy have submitted comments that were circulated to the committee. Gabe has not submitted comments yet, but will circulate and submit before the end of the period.

Discussion about the GIFC Annual Meeting:

General topics for Annual meeting:

  • New ferry funding and update: John can give the update if Rachel cannot attend.
  • Rate Study / Fare Proposal: Allen can talk about.
  • Haul out update: Andy can talk about.
  • Emergency Services: Guest Speaker Chief Cole
  • Election: John to announce openings, Gabe to explain process and solicit funding.
  • John to take minutes for annual meeting

Committee members to do before annual meeting:

  • Allen to post flyers and sandwich board at the hall.
  • Gabe to do chalkboard at Guemes side kiosk.
  • John to contact Rachel to invite her to come.
  • Gabe to contact Chief Cole to confirm her attendance.
  • Andy to get haul out info. Lisa mentioned Edith was writing an article about haul out.
  • Allen to inquire about using historical society mailbox for election/committee mailing.
  • Meeting is 2:00-4:00pm, committee members to show up at 1:30.

Meeting Adjourned 8:15pm

Minutes by Gabe Murphy

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