December 2022 minutes

The December GIFC meeting was held on Dec. 8 with all members present. It was also available via zoom.

After discussing whether to include Gabe's written statement in the minutes, it was decided not to include it. The Nov. minutes were approved without the statement.

Sandy read a statement responding to Gabe' statement read at the Nov. meeting. We will decide at the next meeting whether Sandy's statement will be included in the minutes.

Allen reported there was $100 in the wheelbarrow fund, but still a deficit of $150 for the last election. Andy wrote a check to Allen for $100 for the election fund.

For posting committee business it was agreed that Gabe would post on Linetime and Andy would post on MyGuemes.

Gabe raised the need for a follow-up to our memo on the rate study. After a discussion it was determined that John would contact Rachel before our next meeting in Jan. for an update and then the committee would decide if further action was needed.

A discussion was held on the Nov. 30 near disruption in ferry service. It was not clear what exactly caused the problem. John was tasked with drafting an e-mail to Rachel asking for details. A major concern was how a disruption would impact the emergency services and how they were contacted. Andy will contact the fire dept. and inquire how they want to be contacted.

The 2023 annual meeting was tentatively set for Feb.18. Allen will check to see if hall is available.

There are two positions open for election in 2023. It was determined by a 3 to 2 vote the election would be held by a mail ballot. Cost of the election would not be a committee obligation. Allen and Gabe stated they would see that funds were raised to pay for the election.

John Hopkins



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