Guemes Island Ferry Committee

Meeting of October 13, 2022 – Minutes

Call to order approximately 7:05 PM Committee Members in attendance: Allen Bush, Gabe Murphy, and Sandy McKean. Members not present: John Hopkins and Andy Leech. Community Guests in attendance via Zoom: Steve Orsini, Mike Murphy, and Charmaine Johannes. Since Chair John Hopkins was not present, Vice Chair Allen Bush chaired the meeting.

It was decided that GIFC minutes need only document motions made (pass or fail), decisions made, and actions taken. If the minutes taker chooses to include additional information and/or discussions, or another member of the GIFC wants additional documentation of the meeting included, that is welcome too.

Approval  of the minutes for the September 8th monthly meeting (taken by Allen) were postponed until the November 10th monthly meeting since they needed some additional editing.

Minutes for the September 22nd meeting with Skagit County Public Works (taken by Gabe) were approved with minor cosmetic changes.

The GIFC will write a thank you letter to Jim Lemieux for the $300 contribution that enabled the replacement of 3 aging, rusting wheelbarrows with new ones. These wheelbarrows are used to transport goods on the ferry.  (Note: the county allows the use of these wheelbarrows on the ferry, but the county no longer provides them, nor maintains them, as part of the county’s ferry service.) 

A lengthy discussion ensued concerning how the GIFC should pursue its relationship with Skagit County. The discussion centered on coming to an understanding (within the GIFC) of the roles and responsibilities of the committee and of the county so that we can take actions to better the relationship between the two entities. Sandy strongly expressed that in his view the relationship has become too adversarial in recent years.

[These minutes were taken by Sandy McKean under the minutes-taking policy documented above]

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