Guemes Island Ferry Committee Charter (Current)

Current as of 11/2022

February 21, 2010

Proposed Amendments


A. The name of the committee shall be the Guemes Island Ferry Committee

B. The Committee shall continue to coordinate ferry related issues among the ferry users, Skagit County Public Works and the Skagit County Board of Commissioners.

C. The Committee’s principal areas of concern shall be: 

  1. Safe, courteous, reliable service
  2. Well maintained facilities
  3. Equitable fare structure
  4. Prompt, adequate emergency services
  5. Continued representation by an elected Ferry Committee.

D. The Ferry Committee shall hold public meetings quarterly with additional meetings as needed. The annual meeting shall be the first public meeting in the first quarter of the calendar year.

E. The Ferry Committee shall be composed of 5 elected members.

  1. Elected members shall serve three year terms. A term begins immediately upon certification of the annual election. The terms of office for previously elected members are unchanged.
  2. These terms will be staggered to ensure term overlap.
  3. The election will be held annually within 45 days of the annual meeting.
  4. Nominations for the Ferry Committee candidates will be requested from, but not limited to, the ferry user group at the annual meeting.
  5. To qualify, Ferry Committee nominees must be current registered voters of the State of Washington.
  6. Election shall be by printed ballot by electors who must be registered voters of the Guemes island Precinct.
  7. To avoid conflict of interest, no Skagit Count official, nor any Skagit County employee, nor anyone under contract to Skagit County shall serve on the Ferry Committee.
  8. If open position(s) for the Committee are uncontested the election will be considered unanimous and a ballot by the electorate will not be required. The candidate(s) with the most votes will fill the open position(s). Tie elections will be decided by lot (coin toss).
  9. The Committee shall replace members unable to complete their terms by Committee appointment until the next election.
  10. Following the annual elections the Ferry Committee will elect its own Chairman, Treasurer and Webmaster/Communicator for two-year terms.

F. The Ferry Committee shall establish procedures including, but not limited to meeting times, locations of meetings and the production and distribution of meeting summaries.

G. Charter amendments may be made by a four-fifths majority vote of the Ferry Committee and with the acceptance of a two-thirds majority vote of those voting at the annual election.

H. The Ferry Committee must be independent of all organizations.