Draft Guemes Island Fery Committee Minutes, 9 June 2022

Second Draft, 6/19/2022, of Guemes Island Ferry Committee Meeting, 9 June 2022

Committee members in attendance: John Hopkins, Chair, Sandy McKean, Allen Bush, Gabe Murphy, Andy Leech

Community members:  Mike Murphy, Jep Burdock, Steve Orsini, Edith Walden, Forrest Nelson, Barb Ohms (all on Zoom) and Frea Gladish, in person

Meeting commenced at 7:02 pm at the Guemes Library.

Recording of meetings. It was determined in a 3 to 2 vote that meetings would be recorded for the primary purpose of providing clarity in minutes.  Recordings would be useful for note taker when compiling an accurate record of discussion and deliberation. It was the sense of the committee that recordings would be for internal committee use.

The meeting continued with proceedings being recorded on Zoom.  Visitors were advised that the meeting was being recorded.  There was no objection.

Guest comments.

·         Forrest Nelson.  Support recording, appreciate efforts at community involvement

·         Jep Burdock.  Expressed thanks for the opportunity to participate, appreciate decision to record meetings

·         Steve Orsini.  Appreciate opportunity to participate and has a continuing interest in the committee going forward

·         Frea Gladish.  Thanks for the opportunity to participate


Draft minutes from 17 Mar 2022 were approved.  Andy was asked to ensure that posted minutes have the term “Draft” removed.

Internal vs External Communications. Gabe brought up topic of committee business—what is and what is not.  The chair stopped the conversation as the topic was to be discussed in the last agenda topic.

Template for note takers.  Gabe offered a proposed template for use by note takers in recording discussions and decisions.  It was accepted for optional use.  Sandy noted that a template had been used in past.  The chair noted the challenge of creating minutes and asked that members minimize “word smithing”.

Treasurer.  Allen reported at $588 had been collected; $920 is needed.  The largest single donation was $100.  Allen suggested that the fund be referred to as “Ferry Committee Fund” vs ballot fund.  The fund would be allowed to continue to accumulate and could be used for committee expenses.  This met with general concurrence. 

Day at the Park.  Andy reported comments from ferry riders at the stage opening event on 29 May 2022.  These included:

·         crew processing of fares and the observation that the process needed streamlining.

·         snow removal by crew, county should prioritize the ferry in its snow removal plan, crew efforts are appreciated as are the efforts of those who remove snow on the Guemes side.

·         rationalize the schedule, make it something easier to remember.

·         signage for how to get a ticket, primarily for those ferry users unfamiliar with the process.

A conversation ensued with Sandy noting that many of these were topics thoroughly discussed in past.  Gabe offered his experience with ticket and rider processing while commuting in the Alameda, CA area.

21 June Meeting with the County.  Meet the new Public Works Director. Attend the Fare Revenue report presentation to the Commissioners.  The Chair advised that he would consolidate topics for discussion on the 21st and provide them to Rachel the next day. These topics were:

·         Revenue Target Report—We should all be at your presentation at 10, so no need to repeat yourself, but we may have questions.  If the report is available before the meeting, we would appreciate copies.


·         Status of Deficit Reimbursement Report


·         Parking—Security concerns at the Anacortes parking lot and long-term parking needs.


·         Status of Berk-KPFF study and are any actions being taken?


·         At some future date we would like a briefing on the county's
staffing and training plan to cover the period from now until the new
ferry goes in operation."

Several other topics and elaborating points were discussed not included in the topics sent to Rachel. These included status report on the new ferry.  What opportunities are there to streamline ferry schedule, second runs, maintenance schedule? Where do we rank with other counties on the Deficit Reduction Report? Crew training and staffing issues. About staffing, Gabe wanted to specifically as what plan is in place to backfill Bob, ferry engineer, when he retires. The issue of parking and security on the Anacortes side was seen as a major issue that involves not only the county but the City of Anacortes as well.  It was noted that a recent change made to parking access in Anacortes for ferry users was made without involvement or comment by ferry users.

Communications.  John offered a proposal: “For committee communications committee members will use their best judgement on who should be included.  For emails generally this means all members should be included, but it may not be necessary in every case.”  Gabe interjected his understanding of committee business and the idea that such should not be included in emails send to non-members.  Sandy added his knowledge of the realities of email messaging.  John observed that this conversation goes back to his inclusion of Forrest Nelson on a message that addressed committee business in process.  The topic was improved meeting audibility from Zoom meetings in the hall.  It was agreed as a matter of policy that public inclusion on ferry committee communications should be restricted.

“Cleanup” of GIFC references on Linetime and My Guemes.  There are several outdated references that will be corrected as Andy learns how to navigate these sites.

Meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm.

Guest Comments.

·         Frea Gladish.  Spoke about the issue of staffing and training and her understanding that part of the committee’s job is to inform the island residents of issues effecting the ferry.  The Chair replied that we might insert this topic into the conversation with the County on 21 May 2022.

·         Mike Murphy suggested that for future meetings the committee members might reorient our seating so we all could be seen on Zoom.

·         Edith observed that Rachel would be on vacation the following week.  She also observed that there was never a time when Zoom worked well.

·         Jep said he saw no problem with asking what staffing will be or asking about fare increases.





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