DRAFT  Guemes Island Ferry Committee Meeting of May 17, 2022

      April Minutes as edited via email were approved.

     The Meeting was convened at 7:00 PM at the Guemes Library with
     John Hopkins, Gabe Murphy, Andy Leech, Allen Bush and Sandy
     McKean in attendance and guests Edith Walden and Forrest Nelson
     via Zoom.

     Election of officers resulted in John Hopkins as Chair, Allen
     Bush as Webmaster and Treasurer, Andy Leech as Communications. It
     was noted that Andy, as the committee Communications
     manager, should act as the single point of contact to Linetime
     and GICCA for posting committee
     related updates. The Secretary/Notetaker position will rotate in
     the following order: Allen Bush, Andy Leech, Sandy McKean, Gabe
     Murphy and John Hopkins.

     Treasurer reported $76.00 turned in by Sandy McKean collected
     costs of $921.50. A donation bucket will be available for future

     Old Business revisited the need for meeting with Skagit County
     Public Works and Ferry Division Manager Rachel Rowe. John Hopkins
     will contact Rachel and determine when and where a meeting can be

     New business included Committee Meeting Days and Time scheduling
     to avoid conflicts with other island groups and meeting spaces.
     It was decided to contact GICCA and Guemes Library to ask if the
     second Thursday would be available at 7pm to reserve as a regular
     meeting time day and place.

     In order to facilitate community engagement and communication,
     it was agreed that the note taker would email a draft of the
     minutes to the other committee members within 5 days. Committee
     members would then have 2 days to submit suggestions and
     corrections via email to the note taker so that a final draft can
     be posted on linetime and my guemes
     within 7 days of the monthly meeting. Once the minutes are
     approved at the following monthly meeting, the "Draft"
     designation will be removed from the websites.

     Meeting structure was discussed and agreed the Committee will
     provide a video conference link to monthly meetings and provide
     time before and after the agenda to take public comments and
     visitor input.

     A discussion on internal committee communications was held.

     Discussion regarding communication and value of the Ferry
     Committee to Skagit County and Islanders resulted in agreement
     that The Ferry Committee would participate in the upcoming
     Celebrate Guemes – Stage Opening at the park 10 AM- 5 PM May
     29th. A booth with table and general Ferry Committee information
     will be available for public viewing. Members volunteered to be
     present at these times: Gabe 10:00 -12:00, John 12:00 - 1:30,
     Andy 1:30 - 3:00, Sandy 3:00 - 5:00.

     All Committee members went around the room introducing themselves
     and continued with guests attending doing the same. The meeting
     adjourned around 9pm.

     Allen Bush

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