The GIFC April 2022 minutes

The April GIFC meeting was held on April 19 with all members present. Two guests were present ( Andy Leech and Gabe Murphy) and three more joined via Zoom (Forrest Nelson, Edith Walden and Barb Ohms).

The March minutes were approved.

Allen reported that the cost of mailed ballots was $921.50 and he had paid the full amount. Allen said the donors who said they would finance the election had not yet made any contributions.  $76 had been given to Sandy at the annual meeting and he said he would give this money to Allen.  Allen suggested we have a collection site at the stage opening ceremonies but nothing definite was decided.

Allen raised the issue of the county work plan for Guemes which he said was to have been done in the first quarter.  This issue was tabled until the next meeting as the com. chairman would be the most likely one to contact the county and since we would not have a chairman as of the 26th.

Dave reported that the new parking policy on the Anacortes side had been done.

Dave then raised a number of subjects that had been worked on over the past three years.  Among these were:

Capital vs O&M-- no new action

Mid-day bottleneck-- no new action

Need based fares-- Bud said this issue had been put on hold as it was expected that with a new ferry a new fare schedule was anticipated and this issue could be looked at at that time.  He volunteered to provide background to the com. if and when needed.

Ridership and fare history- - Dave had developed a lot of data on these subjects and said he would provide to com. in whatever form they would like.

Ticketing issue-- It was generally agreed that no new initiative was being undertaken.

Election – Appears to be going ok and that vote counting would be April 26 at 7:00pm and the com. would provide observers.

Future meetings – Several guests thought that having meetings with Zoom available for those who could not attend was a good idea. 

John Hopkins
April 23, 2022


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