GIFC Meeting 2-15-22 7pm

Present were: Sandy McKean  Allen Bush  Forrest Nelson Barbara Ohms  Andy Leach  Doug Charnock  Phillip Fenner Michael and JoAnne Gray  Lisa Charnock  Sue Skillman  Edith Walden  John  Hopkins

Dave opened the meeting with a discussion about the Guemes Island Ferry Committee March 12, 2pm Annual Meeting logistics.

1.       It was decided that Guemes Precinct 127 registered voters will be voting in person at the hall with early voting beginning at 1pm. At 2 pm the meeting will be convened with a 50 person limit and only vaccinated persons are allowed in the hall. Unvacinated can vote outside the hall. All ballots are deposited into the ballot box located in the Guemes Library. Two Ballot station(s) separated by last name a-l & m-z. two pre-selected attendants per station.

Each voter will be asked: name, vaccination status, given a ballot, and directed to the proper path inside or outside.

Skagit Elections has been asked for a Voter list, However we will ask for a updated list closer to voting day.

The meeting will consist of a Guemes Ferry Committee Introduction and agenda charter amendment description and discussion. Any public comments will be limited to 2 minutes per individual, only speaking once. Questions directed to the committee will be answered accordingly. All questions and comments will be recorded on a ZOOM call. Once the discussion period has ended the meeting will recess for a 15 minute voting period and counting commences. Two ballot judges will be sourced and perform the count.

The meeting will reconvene and the decision will determine one of two pathways:

New Charter or Old Charter. (Insert Buds pathway flow chart)

The March 12th meeting Promotion shall be 10 days in advance. Sandy has chalk board, John additional sandwich board. Bud and Barb place a sandwich board in front of the hall. Minutes approved and posted as a flyer and on webpage.

Guemes Ferry Committee Meeting March 12th 1pm
New Charter Vote & Nominations for 2 Open Seats

2.       Dave then opened discussion regarding elections. There will be two open seats as Dave and Bud will not seek re-election. Further Old Election Process will be tabled until March 8th.

Edith thanked Dave and Bud for serving on the ferry committee.

Barb offered to pay for ballot printing

Forrest recommended both written and visual materials be available for reference

Andy asked about proof of voter registration and vaccination for entry and options for denial details.

Allen Bush

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