Guemes Island Ferry Committee
Monthly Meeting – January 18, 2022

The meeting convened at 7:00 p.m. with all members present on Zoom.

The December minutes were reviewed.  Sandy moved to accept them.  Al seconded.  The minutes were unanimously adopted.

Barbara Schnabel’s inquiry was discussed.  It was generally agreed that a written response was appropriate.  Bud moved that Dave provide Barbara, by email, the flow chart and Charter matrix from the Annual Meeting, his draft letter circulated earlier to the Committee, and a note explaining that the available material can be seen on the Committee’s web site.

Bud included in the motion that Dave’s draft letter also be put on our website with a “people have asked” type of introduction. The motion was seconded.  It passed unanimously. 

Bud’s proposed response to Brent Morrison was reviewed.  It was not unanimously endorsed or accepted.  But there was no formal objection to Bud sending it to Brent, so Bud will do so.  [Editor’s note: Bud sent the email two days after this meeting and promptly received a polite, respectful “thank you” from Brent.]

There followed discussion of our method of responding to people who contact us in writing.  Al and Bud expressed a feeling that we should try to be more prompt and substantive in our responses.  But they did not offer specific steps or a motion to change the current method.  Sandy moved to rescind the existing method of sending an automated email response, and to go back to handling each message on an ad hoc basis.  There was no second.

It was determined to hold the Annual Meeting on a Saturday in March.  March 12 was the most viable date and Sandy will contact Barbara Ohms to try to reserve the Community Hall for the meeting.

In light of that March 12 Annual Meeting date it was determined that the March monthly meeting will be moved to March 8.

Bud Ulhman

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