The May meeting was held on May 18th via Zoom

Meeting was called to order by Chair Dave Prewitt at 7:07pm with all members present. No guests were present.

GIFC public meetings:

?The GIFC intends to hold its first public meeting in 2021 during October 2021. Note this is technicallythe 4th quarterly meeting for 2021 given that the previous 3 quarterly meetings for 2021 were canceled due to pandemic restrictions.

?The GIFC intends to hold its 2022 annual meeting in January 2022. Note the annual meetings for 2020and 2021 were canceled due to pandemic restrictions.

GIFC elections:

?The terms of all five positions of the GIFC will have expired by the annual meeting planned for January 2022.

?The normal staggering of positions no longer exists due to various term extensions that were necessarydue to pandemic restrictions.

?In order to reestablish staggered terms some of the GIFC members newly elected at the 2022 annual meeting could volunteer to accept shortened terms of 1 or 2 years instead of the normal 3 years.

Ferry haul out:

?The haul out is scheduled for May 14th through June 12th.

?Parking will be tight on both sides of the channel. Although vehicles are not allowed to park on either side for more than 72 hours, it is hoped that these parking regulations will not be strictly enforced during the haul out as long as the rights of private property owners are respected.

?The trusty Strait Arrow is expected to provide passenger only service during the haul out on the peak schedule starting May 14th even though normally the peak schedule would not start until later in May. Peak fares will not go into effect until their normally scheduled date later in May.

Allen volunteered to find out the answers to these questions he raised about the haul out:

?Why was the ferry towed to the boat yard instead of going under its own power?

?What was the cause and consequences of having to do the engine swap twice?

?Will there now be a 4th engine (2 installed and 2 spares)? Note engine rebuilds can only be done twice before the engine must be replaced. Engines typically cost $75,000 to rebuild whereas a new engine costs $125,000.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm

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