The meeting convened at 7:07 by Zoom with all in attendance and Edith Walden visiting.

The March minutes were approved.

It was agreed that an in-depth discussion of and response to the Ferry Fare Target Revenue Report (FFTRR) would be the primary focus of the meeting. This discussion and response are captured in the submitted response and therefore is not recounted here.

Following the FFTRR discussion:

Allen observed that credit card processing was a 3% drain on rervenue.

Sandy felt there was no realistic path to return to accepting cash for fares.

It was generally observed that there was no transportation bill in the Washington State Legislature this year. Therefore, ferry replacement funding opportunities from that avenue will wait until next year.

Also, it was generally observed that the Ferry Manager was committed to devising a long term haul-out schedule.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30.

Minutes prepared by Dave Prewitt

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