The June GIFC meeting was held on June 22 via Zoom with four members present.

The May minutes were approved.

Since several members would not be available in July, the July meeting was canceled. The next meeting will be Aug. 17. This will be an in person meeting at the G.I. library.

A discussion was held about the confusion of the schedule on Memorial Day. Was the ferry on a holiday schedule or regular schedule? Dave will contact Rachel to confirm that Memorial Day should be listed on schedule as a holiday.

Concerning the haul out, Allen reported that the ferry was towed to the shipyard due to a fuel and weight issue. A discussion was also held about how all the commercial customers such as Waste Management are notified about the haul out. Dave will ask Rachel what the procedure is.

Concerning parking during the haul out, there were no major issues reported. However, during the haulout and shortly thereafter there were several break-ins in the upper lot on the Anacortes side. Dave willask Rachel if the security cameras are working and has the county reviewed them concerning these break-ins.

Allen raised the county's survey done about future haul outs and reported that 60 percent of the replies were from commercial users or other non residents and 40 percent were from residents.

When Dave contacts Rachel he will also thank her for the quick response in arranging a replacement when the Strait Arrow had a problem. He will also raise the issue of a public county meeting on Guemes to inform the islanders on ferry issues. We suggest this meeting should be held in Sept. or Oct.2021.

John Hopkins

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