Guemes Island Ferry CommitteeMeeting of August 17, 2021

The meeting convened at 7:00 p.m. on the deck outside the Guemes Island Library with all members in attendance.

The current rules regarding Covid and meetings were reviewed. The meeting continued al fresco.

The recent correspondence with Rachel was reviewed. It was noted that victims of vehicle break-ins in the upper Anacortes parking lot need to work with local authorities to obtain and review security camera information; review might not happen without that encouragement.

Rachel’s explanation was noted to the effect that the omission of Memorial Day from the list of “Saturday schedule on holidays” was simply an oversight to be corrected in future listings.

The short disruption of Waste Management’s collections during the haulout was discussed. Sandy clarified that WM drivers knew exactly what they were doing and that they needed to skip one week of collections. It seems clear that WM was given notice of the haulout, which is what prompted our question to Rachel.

People who watched the recent meeting of other jurisdictions’ ferry personnel reported that other operations are often paid for with general county taxes. The distinctions in revenue likelihood and capacity between Seattle and Skagit County in this regard were noted.

Dave will politely decline Sarah Banning’s offer that the GIFC host an information table at the September4 island celebration.

Discussion turned to how to deal with the delayed Annual Meeting, elections, member terms, and proposed Charter amendments. It was agreed that we should plan a meeting for early 2022 and treat the 2-year hiatus essentially as though it didn’t happen, that is, we will pick up where we left off in 2020.This will in effect extend the terms of all members for two years. This means Dave’s and Bud’s seats will be up in 2022.

The questions around how to conduct elections if there are contested seats and where the Charter amendment vote fits in will require members to review the current and proposed Charter rules for the next meeting. It was agreed that significant advance notice to the public of the proposed Charter amendments is needed; that is, we cannot distribute the text of the proposed Charter for the first time at the early 2022 meeting and have the vote on it at that time.

John said he will miss the September meeting because he will be away.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00. 

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