The meeting convened at 7:06 by Zoom with all in attendance and Edith visiting.
In opening public comments Edith pointed out that several of the links in the GIFC Minutes web page on Linetime are dead.  After a brief investigation Al diagnosed the problem, thanked Edith, and said he would resolve the problems soon.
The January minutes were approved (or re-approved if the earlier email exchange is counted).
Dave presented a table of all the County Resolutions he was able to find regarding the ferry.  The are set out chronologically and structured to enable search by key words.
Dave also presented a graph and associated information regarding ridership over the last several years.
After reviewing Dave’s documents it was decided to post them on the GIFC web site within Linetime.
It was reported that Public Works is in the process of contracting for the 2021 haulout.  The bid documents say the haul out will be for 28 calendar days beginning as early as April 30 and the Guemes must depart the Contractor’s facility on or before July 1. 
A long discussion of GIFC elections ensued.  It was recalled that last spring we had by resolution announced we would extend Dave’s and Bud’s terms for one year, and that we had decided at that time to address the matter of the terms of other GIFC members at a later time.  That subject came up for discussion in this meeting.
There was general agreement that we should target having an in-person election in the fall of 2021, expecting that the pandemic will be under control by then, though the uncertainty of that control was acknowledged.
The question of how to recruit and process nominations was discussed, perhaps gathering nominations before the fall meeting.  Al suggested they can be solicited without an in-person meeting.
There were two basic schools of thought about what to do about the terms of the other three (not Dave and Bud) members.  John does not like the idea of us extending terms by GIFC resolution when there is an actual election being planned.  Others thought it best to extend everyone’s term for the same length of time so that the pre-pandemic cycle of terms and elections was carried forward.
It was agreed that each member and any interested public should think and consult about these questions and come next month with their best ideas.In closing comments and a subsequent email Edith observed that GIPAC had a very low turnout for a Zoom annual meeting.  She is not optimistic that a non-in-person process will get the attention the election should receive.  She said it might be possible that announcement of the meeting could be put inan issue of the Ferry Replacement News if the timing of the News corresponds with our schedule and if the News has space. 
The meeting adjourned (after Bud and Sandy had left around 8:30) around 8:45.
Minutes prepared by Bud Ullman
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