GIFC Minutes 2020-08-20

The meeting convened at 7:10 August 20, 2020 after a few minutes of getting used to the Zoom platform.


Sandy resigned as Secretary.  It was decided to take minutes on a rotating basis.  Bud volunteered to go first, recording today’s meeting.  The order subsequently is John, Al, Dave, Sandy.


The email Sandy wrote to memorialize the decision to postpone the 2020 Annual Meeting and to extend for one year the terms of Bud and Dave (to 2021) was recovered and circulated to members.  Al will post it on our Linetime page.  It was noted that the decision does not address whether other Member’s terms will likewise be extended.  We will need to address this eventually.


Also to be posted on our page is the email from Dave on behalf of the Committee to Brent Morrison thanking him for his work but declining to provide a forum for his requested presentation.  It reads:


Hello, Brent.  The Ferry Committee appreciates the time you spent with us in the Zoom meeting on 7/21/20. Your engineering analysis was very interesting and your documents very professional. It was clear to us that you are very dedicated to Guemes Island and that you desire the best for the island residents, and even the entire globe, in what propulsion system will be used in the new county ferry.


However, the Ferry Committee is not prepared at this time to sponsor an event or information distribution.  We want to further consider and discuss among ourselves the information and the county’s decision not to respond. 


Of course, the Ferry Committee has no objection to you exploring ways to make your documents and ideas accessible to island residents, but the Committee is just not in a position to assist or sponsor such an effort at this time.  If that should change, we will let you know.


Sincerely, Guemes Island Ferry Committee


As Treasurer/Communication Official Al reported that we can share a Zoom subscription with GIPAC.  The overall cost is $82/year.  For each GIFC member this translates to $16.40 a year.  Each GIFC member should send that amount to Al at their earliest convenience.


Al will publicize our monthly meetings in a way that allows interested people to register in advance for each month’s Zoom meeting.  Only people who register will be allowed to attend so that we do not have meetings interrupted by people seeking participation during the meeting itself.


The division of tasks among Officers, Standing Committees, and Current Initiatives was reviewed and applied to upcoming tasks.


With the relatively heavy road work beginning on Edens Road, Al identified questions about how the ferry costs of transporting equipment and material should be accounted for, including any extra ferry runs and associated personnel costs.  Pursuing this falls to Sandy and John as the Standing Committee on Finance.


Al pointed out that in the recent primary election Commissioner Dahlstedt failed in his bid to run again for his seat.  Committee members, including Bud, who did not already know this were mildly embarrassed by their ignorance.


John reported that Glosten’s work on design of the new boat had been paused but Glosten is back at work on the project now.  In the search for money for the new boat, it is expected there will be no more money found this year.  Next year’s state legislative session is the County’s next target for more funding.  Committee members expressed skepticism that the money secured by the County from CRAB could be redirected to a diesel, instead of electric, new boat.


Members discussed the lack of a clear understanding about the circumstances under which a “second 11:15 run” will be made.  Sandy had the most comprehensive explanation of the “rule,” but he was unsure that all the ferry crew operated by that rule and, in fact, he reported a conversation with one of the crew who had a different understanding.


Sandy’s explanation is that a second run will be made:


If, on the Guemes side, there are any vehicles left behind when the 11:15 sailing departs Guemes, and


If, on the Anacortes side, there are any vehicles left behind when the 11:15 sailing departs Anacortes, but NOT if vehicles arrive after the 11:15 departure yet before the boat returns from Guemes.


John pointed out that the printed ferry schedule says “Ferry may make ONE extra trip when overloaded at 11:15 a.m. OR when there is an hour between runs.  No extra trips at 6:45 p.m.”


Learning what the official “rule” is falls to Dave and Bud as responsible for the Current Initiative of Midday Bottleneck Alleviation.


John moved to adjourn the meeting.  Bud seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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