Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee 2010.11.14


November 14, 2010


Present:   Allen Bush Jr. Carl Cady,   Dyvon Havens, Steve Orsini, Glen Veal


The meeting was called to order at 7 PM for the purpose of developing recommendations concerning the proposed Public Works fares increase for 2011.


Glen had written a draft letter to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) which he passed out and we read prior to discussion. There was open group discussion about the escalation in cost of operation since 2003 which the Ferry Committee had tried many times in vain to have the County address. It was felt that we could not support an increase in fares to the ridership without good faith effort on the County’s part to contain costs. Further, the resolution R20100050 (Public Forum) that the BOCC signed in February 2010 had not been followed and work on the Work Plan had not progressed for many reasons including a departure of the Ferry Manager and Public Works director. Carl provided data that showed that the County’s request for a 25% general increase was justified with inaccurate use of the Fares Recovery Target Model called for in the resolution and inappropriate reduction of the estimated 2011 ridership.


It was decided to re-write Glen’s letter during the meeting. The intention was to go before the BOCC on next Tuesday during the open forum to deliver our message requesting that they postpone any general fares increase until the Work Plan activities were followed and cost containment was initiated in the same context as the other county departments had to endure during this economic down turn.

It was decided that the likelihood of the Commissioners commenting and creating a dialog would be enhanced if we sent the letter to them in advance of the public meeting. It was emailed to the BOCC, the PW Director and the Acting Ferry Manager at the end of our meeting.


 Meeting adjourned 10:00 PM


Note taker: Carl Cady

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