Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee Annual Meeting 2010.02.21

Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee Annual Meeting 2010.02.21
Present:  Glen Veal (Chair), Allen Bush, Steve Orsini, Terry Ebersole


Meeting began at 2:30 pm and ended at 4:30 pm.


30 people in attendance including Ron Panzero Ferry Manager and Bill Turner, Anacortes City Councilman


Treasurer’s Report

There is currently $542.99 in the GIFC account.

On Wednesday, February 24, 2010 and Thursday, February 25, 2010
Guemes Island Ferry runs may be delayed or cancelled as work progresses to complete dock maintenance. No extra runs will be made for cancelled runs. The 8:30 p.m. sailing will be the last of the day.
This is necessary to utilize tidal conditions for the repair work to be done on the Anacortes dock.

45 Day Ferry Outage October 4, 2010 – November  15, 2010
This outage will allow for the 9 class Guemes Side Concrete approach Span and the class 27 Anacortes Concrete approach Span to be replaced. The State uses a condition scale and anything below 30 is prioritized for replacement. The work will be completed by two separate companies working simultaneously to keep the 45 day schedule. Ferry users will experience foot passenger service from a temporary dock on the Guemes side to Cap Sante Marina on the Anacortes side, an approximately 45 minute runtime. This runtime will require departures on the hour from Cap Sante Dock D or A (yet to be determined) and will need to be serviced by either a 100+ passenger vessel, two smaller vessels or a combination of both. Parking will be in the Cap Sante long term parking lot and should accommodate ferry users as this will be the off season for boaters. We were assured that ADA and special needs of the elderly would be taken into consideration both on and off the vessel(s). Two 6’x 80’ ramps are being constructed for use on the Guemes side and a heated shelter will be provided for those waiting at Cap Sante.

6th Street Re-Construction March 3, 2010 – May 1, 2010
All Traffic is asked to re-route using 8th Avenue when approaching the 6th and I dock and the waiting cars will “queue” on I Avenue. Those entering and exiting the K Avenue parking lot will use 5th Avenue as an alternate route.

Dock revision & Terminal Building March 1, 2010 – August 1, 2010
Restrictions to 2 lanes for those cars waiting in line and another for off loading traffic will be in effect until the new terminal building is complete in late July, early August. Re-surfacing of the dock will follow the Ferry Outage and Approach Span repair.

 Security Cameras and Electronic Ticketing
Ron Panzero, Ferry Manager
stated that a contract for four surveillance cameras covering both parking lots, Kiwanis park and a remote operated camera, will be signed in the near future.

Electronic Ticketing will be implemented as well. A vending machine that accepts bills and credit cards will be in the Anacortes terminal waiting room to allow for advance purchase of single use and multi ride punch tickets. This addition will lessen the need for the purser to be present for ticket purchase and improve time constraints when loading the vessel.

Ferry Operations Public Forum Resolution
The Roundtable Resolution has been rescinded and in its place is a Public Forum Resolution (view at This will provide two opportunities annually for the public to voice their  concerns to the Skagit County Public Works Department.  This resolution is intended to expand public input on Guemes Island Ferry operations.

Guemes Island Ferry Committee Charter Changes
The Ferry Committee has proposed a few changes to its Charter:


1. Each term of newly elected members will be 3 years instead of 5.


2. A candidate shall be elected to the Committee at large instead of a specific position.

The candidate(s) with the most votes will fill the open position(s).


3. Tie elections will be decided by lot (coin toss).


4. Following the annual elections the Ferry Committee will elect its own Chairman,            Treasurer and Webmaster/communicator for two-year terms.


These changes will be mailed out in ballot form to be voted on by the electorate.Guemes Island Ferry Committee Nominations and Election
There were two positions open for candidates during nominations for the Committee. Terry Ebersole did not seek another term and both Allen Bush and Glen Veal resigned their positions to resolve the tie vote from last year’s election.

Nominations from the floor were opened. Both Allen Bush and Glen Veal were nominated and seconded and both accepted. There were no other nominations and according to the existing bylaws there is no need for an election by ballot if unopposed.  A five member Committee was reestablished as a result.

Meeting adjourned 4:30 pm

Note taker: Allen Bush


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