Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee 2010.03.01


March 1, 2010


Present:  Glen Veal (Chair), Allen Bush, Carl Cady,  Dyvon Havens, Steve Orsini,


The meeting was called to order at 7 PM for the purpose of discussing the upcoming ballot to be issued re: the Ferry Committee revised charter.


Discussion was held to decide whether additional items should be placed on the ballot for polling purposes. The two items discussed were: 1) Asking if riders would be willing to pay double fare for an 8pm to 10 pm ferry on Sundays (particularly for Summer schedule) and 12M ferries on Friday and Saturday nights; 2) Asking riders if they had a preference re: annual haul-out times. Following much debate, it was decided to explore using the F.C. web site as a place to receive input on these and other topics. We also agreed that we needed to review the pros and cons of various times of the years prior to asking the ridership for their input. Allen Bush will develop wording to be included on the back of the ballot instruction page. The wording will include an update on Ferry Committee activities and encouragement of voters to check out the F.C. web site.


Dyvon contacted Reva Dugan during the meeting, and Reva agreed to chair the election committee. Ferry Committee members will contact the following people to ask if they will be members of the election committee:

            Harry Finks (Carl)       Bob Easton or Janice Veal (Glen)       Jodi Meekins (Steve)

            Gail Nicolls (Steve)     Stuart and Arden Charles (Allen)       Jim Dugan (Dyvon contacted)


Dates of balloting activities are as follows:

            March 20, Saturday - 10:00 am          Ballot stuffing

            March 22, Monday                             Mail ballots

            April 7, Wednesday                            Postmark deadline for ballots

            April 7 @ 5:00 pm                              Deadline for ballots to be in box at Anderson’s

            April 10, Saturday - 10:00 am                        Ballot counting



Carl will order labels of registered voters from the County Elections Department at $.02 per label. .  Dyvon will check inventory and purchase any supplies needed. Carl noted he will be gone March 7 to March 17.


Note taker: Dyvon Havens

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