Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee Meeting 2010.02.15


February 15, 2010


Present:  Glen Veal (Chair), Allen Bush, Carl Cady, Steve Orsini


Meeting began at 7 pm and ended at 10 pm.



1) Status of February 16 Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting re: Public Forum Resolution

2) 6th Street Project

3) GIFC Charter and proposed amendments

4) Agenda for Sunday, February 21st GIFC Annual Meeting

5) Fall 2010 Ferry Outage for Ramp/roadway rebuild

6) February 24th and 25th missed runs


 February 16th BOCC meeting—Carl reported he’d received no response to an email to Tom Ballard, Interim Public Works (PW) Director raising the issue of whether a public hearing by the BOCC was going to be held as had been earlier indicated before their proceeding with formal action on the Public Forum Resolution.  Tomorrow’s (i.e. Feb 16) meeting is at 10 am and as many GIFC members as possible will attend.


6th Street Project—Ron Panzero has reportedly developed an on ferry dock traffic plan to interface with the City of Anacortes’ plans and is meeting with the city in that regard.  It was pointed out that no northside of the 6th and I street intersection crosswalk is planned and the committee discussed whether that deletion raised questions of ADA compliance as the walking distance to cross the intersection would be three times as long so as to access the more “friendly” serpentine pedestrian path for those with limited mobility in the Kiwanis Park.  Whether the GIFC should arrange a meeting with the Mayor to attempt raising the City’s awareness of the issue was discussed.


GIFC Charter and proposed amendments—Proposed amendments to the GIFC Charter were discussed specifically with an eye to the GIFC’s February 21st Annual Meeting when a presentation to the public will be made.  In particular a discussion ensued with respect to what the number of GIFC members should be—the current one year 6 members and how if made permanent whether the sixth slot should be reserved for a part-time resident or a person with only a general interest in the ferry operation.  Also discussed was who the voters should be to select members and the pro and cons of changing from the current electorate being Guemes precinct registered voters.  Also discussed were charter amendments to deal with tie votes on member selection and changing the length of member terms from 5 to 3 years.  Amendments will by stipulation of the charter be decided by mailed secret ballot.


Agenda for Sunday, February 21st GIFC Annual Meeting—It was agreed that the agenda would include the Treasurer’s Report, Schedule changes for Feb. 24 and 25 afternoon and evening, the Fall 2010 outage, 6th Street revisions and dock plan, New ferry terminal, reporting on the new county Public Forum resolution, Charter changes and election for upcoming open GIFC position(s).


Fall 2010 Ferry Outage for Ramp/roadway rebuild—Carl has raised to the Ferry Manager issues of boat capacity based on a review of demand in recent outages and the reduction of schedule to only one run per hour.  Essentially a question of “will there be enough room on the walk of boat for people needing service.”  It was report that two 80 ft. gangways, placed  end to end with piers to anchor the middle which will act as a hinge point for access to a temporary floating dock where the passenger boat will load/unload.  Accessibility for mobility impaired passengers at Cap Sante Marina was also discuss as a serious question that needs addressed and must be resolved.  This relates to access to the floating docks from the ground via gangways, stability of the floating docks for walking and access on to an off of the boat.


February 24th and 25th missed runs—Members discussed the angst expressed about the meaning of PW’s announcement regarding missed runs and level of service between 4 pm and 8:30 pm on the 24th and 25th.  The group concluded that asking the Ferry Manager to attend the Annual Meeting to address those concerns as well as addressing questions regarding the Fall outage was a good idea.  Glen will invite Ron Panzero to participate in the Annual Meeting.


Notetaker – Terry Ebersole


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