Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee Meeting with Bill Turner 2010.01.26


January 26, 2010


Present:  Glen Veal, Steve Orsini, Card Cady


Purpose of today’s meeting: Discuss City of Anacortes plans for 6th Street project


Following are the Ferry Committee’s suggestions re 6th Street project:


1.  Do not build the sidewalk on the east side of I Street fronting the Yellow Rental House north of 6th Street on I Street.  Nothing is needed here, but stripes might be a compromise.


2. There needs to be an east/west cross walk at the top of the I Street ferry hill on the north side of the 6th and I Street intersection.


3.  Remove the bump out on the Northeast corner of 6th and I.  This needs to come out completely as there is already the ferry holding lane there to slow traffic and it creates 2-3 more parking spaces plus angle parking during ferry outages. The sidewalk on the north side of 6th Street should terminate at grade level on a North-South projection line from the westerly edge of the concrete bulkhead in front of the rental house on the NE corner of 6th and I Streets.


4.  Remove the bump out along 6th on the north side starting at the driveway for the yellow house and continuing easterly to the gray house to create additional parking.


5.  Move the north side curb along 6th between I and K to the edge of the sidewalk to improve angle parking during ferry outages.


6.  The west-bound traffic lane at the intersection of 6th and I has to allow left, straight ahead and right turns. This permits access to the rail Road Grade parking lot, drop off at the terminal etc.


7. The standard truck for city plans appears to be 50 foot. During the past 6 years one way traffic for 55 to 65 foot plus has averaged 195 trucks per year. 65-foot truck length should be considered standard



Note taker:  Steve Orsini

Edited by Carl Cady




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