Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee Work Session with Tom Ballard 2010.01.21


January 21, 2010


Present:  Tom Ballard, Ron Panzero, Glen Veal, Carl Cady, Terry Ebersole, Dyvon Havens, Allen Bush

Meeting held at Skagit County Public Works 10:30 am to Noon.


Draft Resolution Discussion

The purpose of the meeting was to continue discussions regarding a new draft resolution rescinding R20040393 and establishing a ferry operations public forum.  Several drafts and revisions have passed between the Ferry Committee (FC) and Mr. Ballard in the past few weeks. The group worked today primarily from the most recent draft dated January 14, 2010, submitted by the FC to Mr. Ballard on January 19.


The following was agreed upon:


An additional statement will be added to the main body of the resolution re: Public works reporting on September 30 to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on the ferry fare revenue target and ferry rates for the upcoming year.


The first bullet under “Administration” in Attachment A will be retained as is.


The remaining bullets under “Administration” will be replaced with Mr. Ballard’s January 4, 2010, version, with the basic concepts brought forward by the FC to be placed under “Calendar of Events” in Attachment A. Minor changes in Mr. Ballard’s version will involve deleting the word “written” and deleting as an source required of the County for advertising meetings. 


Wording similar to the following will be added to the “Calendar of Events” section: “More specifically, the ongoing meetings will be used to address issues identified in the Work Plan. Inclusive in these meetings is the development of progress reports and updated Work Plan recommendations to the BCC. It is further expected that the Public Works Director and senior management of the Public Works Department will actively participate in the ongoing meetings throughout the year. The following dates will be changed: October date to August and the November date to read “September through November.”


The BCC recommended against including Attachment B (example of a Work Plan) in the resolution, because of the potential for the County to be locked into the specific format of that example, and so it will be deleted.


Mr. Ballard would like to put an additional WHEREAS in the document, as an amendment to R20080018, changing the date of reporting on the ferry fare revenue target and ferry rate schedule to the Board from November 30 to September 30.


Mr. Ballard will put together the results of today’s discussion into a revised version and email it to us next week. He would like the FC to respond ASAP. The document will then go to the prosecuting attorney’s office, and the FC will be notified of any changes by that department. Mr. Ballard hopes to put the final package in front of the BCC in two to three weeks. A public hearing on the resolution will then be held.


CRAB Reporting Changes

Public Works will now need to have their CRAB report in by March or April. CRAB will get their decision in to Public Works in June or July. This timing works better in terms of County budget requirements.


Public Works Director Position Status

Interviews are continuing for a new Public Works Director. They have apparently narrowed the candidate field to one person at this point.


Ferry Manager Report

Ron Panzero will be sending out a notice to and to the County listserv for Guemes Island announcing some ferry run cancellations next week


Note taker: Dyvon Havens



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