Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee 2010.01.10


January 10, 2010


Present:  Carl Cady,  Terry Ebersole, Dyvon Havens, Steve Orsini, Glen Veal


The meeting was called to order at 7 PM for the purpose (1) of developing a recommended resolution to replace the Roundtable Resolution and (2) other Issues.


Agenda: Request for the FC to post FAQ on the web site, request that FC write a monthly column for the paper “The Guemes Tide”, Schedule of 1st Quarter Annual meeting, Charter revision, 6th street revisions status, and Draft Roundtable Resolution revisions.


  1. FAQ request—MJ Andrak requested through Dyvon that the FC develop FAQ to be posted on the FC website to assist ridership, especially during the current year’s ferry work plan. It was felt that all of our meeting notes etc were already on the site for those that are interested. Up-to date information is planned to be provided by the county during this year, on a regular basis, to alert the ridership. It was felt that there would be little benefit in relation to the effort required.
  2. The Guemes Tide Column – It was felt that writing an article from a third party perspective that would be interesting to the readership would be difficult from an insider’s position. We  Have tried to use  The Evening Star as a means of announcing upcoming public meetings of the Ferry Committee and will continue to do so in the Guemes Tide. We plan to continue to post meeting minutes on the FC website providing a meas for the interested public to stay abreast of FC activities. Also writing a column is complicated by the need for the author to coordinate with all of the members of the committee for approval. It was agreed the FC will  make every attempt to inform The Guemes Tide of new developments related to the ferry.
  3. 1st Quarterly/Annual meeting --- Sunday February 21st 2:30 PM was selected as the date provided that the hall is available. Dyvon will check on availability. The meeting will include discussion and input from the ridership on any  proposed amendments to the FC Charter as well as nominations for open positions. We had additional discussion about who should have voting rights for election of the Ferry Committee. Glen agreed to query the County Auditor on the procedure the county expected to use in the selection of Citizen Advisory Committees and Sub-Area Planning Committees as well as how other counties address this issue for similar roles.
  4. 6th Street revision status --- the FC is to have an opportunity early in January to review the plan and comment on it with the City of Anacortes Engineering Department. We are also attempting to represent the County needs associated with how the ferry landing I Street project will interface with the City’s 6th Street . To date we have been unable to obtain the county plans for their section of I street and up to date drawings and  grant application information from the City regarding their  project. Carl agreed to call the County Engineer on the project, David Walde, to see if additional information is available.
  5. Roundtable Resolution--- It was generally agreed that the last revision provided by Tom Ballard on January 4, 2010, had not addressed any of the recommendations and concerns that we had provided him before his current re-write of the Draft Resolution. Carl had developed a draft Resolution proposal that had been sent to the FC a few days prior to the meeting. The FC reviewed the draft with suggestions for modifications. Carl will create another re-write and send it out to the FC for comment.


        Meeting adjourned 11:00 PM


        Note taker: Carl Cady




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