Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee 2009.12.06


December 6, 2009


Present:  Allen Bush, Jr.,  Carl Cady,  Terry Ebersole, Dyvon Havens, Steve Orsini, Glen Veal


The meeting was called to order at 7 PM with the purpose of preparing for the forthcoming quarterly public meeting on Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009.


Carl Cady presented an expanded and re-arranged agenda from the preliminary agenda that Dyvon had posted and emailed.  The new agenda and discussion points are:


1)      2010 Fares Recovery Target:  The present fare recovery amount was compared against the old Bridge Analogy.  Carl will prepare transparencies for the meeting.  Glen suggested that  if a new fare recovery model emerges from the Roundtable, it should have a “look forward” provision in order to mitigate circumstances that can be identified that will affect the costs of the operation.  This is essentially what has happened the last two years.

2)       4th Crew Member Status and Ticketing Systems:  It was decided to have Dyvon  contact Ron Panzero to see if he could provide the latest information on this agenda item..

3)      Roundtable Expansion:   As a possible alternative to a totally new Roundtable representative group, it was discussed and decided that the Ferry Committee might be able to fulfill this objective within its charter.  Terry Ebersole announced that he would not seek re-election in 2010.  Steve Orsini suggested that a possible solution would be to increase the Ferry Committee to six persons with the sixth person being a non-resident, non-voting property owner.  It was suggested that the election of this position should be from the registered voters of Guemes as with the rest of the Ferry Committee. Carl suggested that the non-resident member be elected by his/her peers as an alternative to the Guemes Island registered voters.  It was felt that this may be inordinately expensive.  It was also agreed that the expanded ‘Roundtable’ should be no larger than ten members.  It was agreed that beside the expanded Ferry Committee, the BOCC would appoint one “at large” position to represent Skagit County.  Also, it was agreed that the City of Anacortes should have a seat at the Roundtable.  It was suggested that the Councilman of the 6th Street Ward would be an ideal candidate.

4)       2010 Infrastructure Schedule: 1) Ferry Haul-out,2) New Terminal Bldg.,  3)Transfer Spans, 4)Dolphin Replacement:  It was decided that Dyvon would see if Ron Panzero would handle this agenda item since he has the latest information.

5)      15 Year Ferry Capital Plan:  This agenda item was reserved for Ron Panzero as well.

6)      6th Street Revisions:  Steve Orsini volunteered to contact the engineering dept. in Anacortes to see if he could get an up dated plan to present at the meeting on Dec. 13.

7)      Ferry Committee Charter:  Any changes to the charter are required at the annual meeting which must be held in the first quarter of 2010.  It was decided that Carl would prepare a transparency that would reflect the changes proposed in item 3 above for the Dec. 13 meeting.  It was also agreed that the Ferry Committee would not make any official proposals until after a forthcoming meeting scheduled with Interim Public Works Director, Tom Ballard in Dec. 29 .  The issue of deciding future tie votes was discussed and it was agreed to use the same method as the County which is: “By Lot”.  Ie, toss of coin , drawing of straws, drawing of cards.  Whichever is agreed upon by the candidates.


        Meeting adjourned 8:30 PM

        Note taker: Glen Veal

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