2017:  In 2004, by Resolution, the Board of County Commissioners, as a result of the Burke Study, established the Ferry Operations & Performance Roundtable to routinize discussions mainly with the Guemes Island Ferry Committee regarding the operation of the Guemes Ferry.  In 2010, the County, by Resolution, did away with the Roundtable in favor of a series of Public Forums to be held on the island to update the islanders on all County activites regarding the island.  From the perspective of the Ferry Committee this new resolution diluted the input of the Ferry Committee to the County on matters relating to the operation and maintenance of the Guemes Ferry as recommended by the Burke Study.   This Roundtable page then will in the future be deleted from the listing on the Guemes Island Ferry Committees home page.


Ferry Operations & Performance Roundtable 2010 Work Plan


Draft By-Laws Citizens Advisory Committee 2009.11.06

Draft Resolution #2 Rescinding 2004 Round Table Resolution 2009.07.07 


Round Table Meeting Notes 2008.09.25

Roundtable Meeting Notes 2008.02.13

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