Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee 2009.11.15


November 15, 2009


Meeting held at the church, opened at 6:00 pm and adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Carl Cady, Dyvon Havens, Steve Orsini, Glen Veal, and Allen Bush were in attendance.

Meeting Agenda:

1.     Schedule 4th Quarter Public FC meeting

2.     Develop strategy for meeting w/Tom Ballard re; Roundtable Resolution revisions


4th Quarter FC public meeting

1.     Contacted Kristina Diamond and scheduled the meeting for Sunday December 13th @ 2:30PM

2.     Possible agenda Items are:

a.     2010 infrastructure facilities schedule and ferry haulout

b.    Roundtable Resolution status

c.     Work Plan for Roundtable for FC and PW for 2010

d.    Plan for Annual meeting in January 2010 and election that follows

e.     Commencement of three person ferry crew operation December 1st.

f.     6th Street revisions

g.    Fares for 2010


Roundtable resolution planning meeting w/Public Works

1.     The size of the committee should be limited to about 10 if it is to be functional

2.     Ferry Manager Ron Panzero tends to represent union issues rather than management due to his continued union membership.

3.     There should be someone on the committee from Public Works that is knowledgeable of the ferry operation.

4.     The proposal that Tom gave us last week is not acceptable because:

a.     It is too formal requiring meetings conducted following Roberts Rules of Order, voting on all issues, and disciplinary action for missed meetings

b.    Membership is mostly government entities, with only one FC member.

c.     Those unhappy with committee are encouraged to seek redress from PW and/or the BOCC. Since all citizens of course have this avenue available to them in democracy its inclusion is superfluous.

d.    Public Works is not included as an active member of the committee.

e.     The committee is to collaborate with the BOCC but no process is established to do so effectively.

5.     Carl proposed to distribute membership based on the financial stake in the operation.

6.     Dyvon suggested that we have Tom Ballard explain how his proposal was developed and what the new process hoped to accomplish.

7.     All felt that the current resolution should be the starting point of discussion and include ways to involve those segments of the ridership that feel they are not being represented.

a.     Specific additional representation might include those who: 1) want longer ferry hours and 2) land owning non-resident islanders and 3) representing the BOCC.

8.     All  felt that continuing to include the Public Works Director and ferry management on the committee was essential

9.     All island Holiday Dinner

a.     The Ferry Committee has agreed to be on of the organization sponsoring the dinner and to help set up the hall for the dinner. We agreed to meet at the Hall at Noon on December 12 to set up (this should be changed to 9AM to permit the decorations committee time to complete their work).

Note taker: Carl Cady


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