Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee 2009.10.11


October 11, 2009


The Guemes Island Ferry Committee met at the Guemes Community Church.  

Meeting opened at 6:00 pm and adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Carl Cady, Dyvon Havens, Steve Orsini, Glen Veal, and Allen Bush were in attendance.


Prioritization of Ferry Issues

In response to the October 8 Work Session with Public Works Director Tom Ballard, discussion was held to determine the Ferry Committee’s priorities for projects to address relative to ferry matters. The following priorities were agreed on by all members present:


Priority #1:  6th Street design [Note: High priority is due to impending deadline for proposal by City of Anacortes]         


Priority #2:  Roundtable Resolution #20040393 process is not being followed

                                A.   Work Plan

                                B.   Calendar of Operations

                                C.   Determination of Level of Service Standards


Priority #3:  Fares

                                A.  Fare structure

                                B.  Fare recovery model


Priority #4:  Cost containment

                                A.  Union contract negotiations

                                B.  Three-person crew

                                C.  Responsibilities of captain, mechanic, ferry manager

                                D.  Ticketing                       


Priority #5:  Ferry Schedule

                                A.  Return Friday, Saturday, and Sunday later runs.

                                B.  Summer/Winter schedules.


Priority #6:  Security in parking facilities


Priority #7:  Vessel and facilities maintenance


Priority #8:  Compliance with ADA


Glen will email this priorities list to Tom Ballard prior to our next work session with him on October 20.


Carl Cady’s Letter to Bill Turner Anacortes City Councilman re: 6th Street Project

To view letter, refer to Ferry Committee members approved the letter, which was sent to Bill Turner on October 9 under Carl’s signature. Apparently there will be a meeting Tuesday, October 13, between the Anacortes City Council and Anacortes Public Works at 3:30 to discuss the 6th Street revisions. It was agreed that the Ferry Committee will send a representative, Glen Veal, to that meeting. Added points that Glen will make include the fact that approximately 200,000 cars pass through the ferry lanes each year and that the bicycle trail needs to be on 8th Street instead of 6th Street due to the high congestion on 6th St. Glen will call the City of Anacortes to confirm the meeting date and time.


Guemes Community Council Representation

Carl Cady is currently president of the Council and is resigning the end of this year. The Council bylaws require that users of the Hall be asked if they would consider having representation on the Council. Carl has served unofficially as the Ferry Committee rep during his term. There will be 5 vacancies on the Council in the next election. Carl encouraged the Ferry Committee to nominate a member to serve on the Council. Glen will ask Terry Ebersole if he would be willing to serve. Public nominations are due at the next Council meeting on October 15. Written applications will be accepted up to two weeks prior to the election meeting.


Fare Target for 2010

Tom Ballard has seen no indication from the County Commissioners that they desire to raise ferry fares in 2010. If the current fare recovery model is used, there will be a $150,000 shortfall. The Ferry Committee will ask the County to show how they calculated the fare target for 2010. Also, we will suggest that all revenues received be accounted for in a revised resolution covering fare recovery. Glen pointed out that the intent of the current resolution is not that fares must be raised in the event of a shortfall. The final decision is at the discretion of the Commissioners. The Ferry Committee is in general agreement that it is preferable to return to the “bridge analogy” as a fare recovery model.



Note taker: Dyvon Havens






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