Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee 2009.10.04


October 4, 2009


Present:  Carl Cady,  Terry Ebersole,  Dyvon Havens,  Steve Orsini,  Glen Veal

Meeting at Guemes Church from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm



1)   Guemes Holiday Dinner  Participation

2)   6thth Street Improvements

3)   Guemes Ferry Operation and Performance Roundtable Possible Changes

4)   Ferry Operational Issues Priorities


Guemes Holiday Dinner Participation- A request to Island organizations to participate in the annual Holiday Dinner was discussed. It was agreed that the Ferry Committee would join with other Island groups to help put on annual event.


Sixth Street Improvements- It was agreed that the FC should request to be a part of any future meetings regarding the proposed changes to 6th St.. to insure that any proposed changes don’t adversely affect those using the Guemes Ferry.   Glen agreed to call Councilman Nick Petrish to find out the current status of the project and to request to be part of any future planning meetings.


Roundtable changes-  Improving support and participation in the Roundtable  process was discussed .  Possible changes include the addition of other interested parties at the Roundtable.  Suggested additional participants included: SKAT,  G.I. Fire Dept.,  Anacortes School District,  and  a non-resident Guemes Island property owner.  It was agreed that this discussion would be continued at the next meeting with interim Public Works Director, Tom Ballard on Oct. 8.


Ferry operational issues priorities- The list of issues that had been previously prepared by the FC and the additional list that was prepared by PW Director, Tom Ballard, were reviewed.  An attempt was made to prioritize the two pages of issues prior to meeting with Mr. Ballard on Oct. 8. The present fare recovery resolution and the former “bridge analogy” were compared. It was suggested that due to the forthcoming change in the fiscal year from  July 1 to June 30 to a calendar year of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, it might be possible to  postpone any discussion of fare increases until after Jan. 1. 


Level of service was discussed and focused on the criteria that should be considered in attempting to establish level of service standards.


It was decided that many of the issues required further discussion with Tom Ballard in order to mutually determine how to prioritize them in the forthcoming  Work Plan to be presented to the Board.


Note taker:  Glen Veal

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