Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee 2009.08.09


August 9, 2009


The Guemes Island Ferry Committee met August 9 at 7:30 PM at the Guemes Community Church.  
Carl Cady, Dyvon Havens, Steve Orsini, Glen Veal, Allen Bush and Terry Ebersole were in attendance.



1) Mary Brennan gift for pro-bono support of election issues

2) New email address

3) Ridership Feedback and Follow-up on meeting with Joseph Miller and Tim Rosenhan

4) Treasurer’s Report

5) Quarterly Meeting Note taker

6) Meeting with Commissioners

7) Summer Public Meeting

8) 4th Crew member

9) Anacortes Side Security Cameras


 Mary Brennan Gift—an appropriate gift was identified and Glen has obtained the gift and will present it to her when she returns from vacation.


New Email Address: ( Is working well, many have seen a reduction in SPAM. We have removed our individual emails from the (linetime) website so that all ferry committee members will receive public comments at the same time.


Ridership feedback : We reviewed the individual comments and agreed that we should establish a FC suggestion box at the Anderson Store. Win Anderson has agreed to share a comment box inside the store’s foyer. We will also develop a method for ridership to express views on our web site at Joining the Linetime community website will allow you to leave comments, add pages and upload photos.

The FC will post items of interest and meeting notes, and members can then leave comments regarding ferry matters.


Treasurer’s Report:  No money has been spent. The current balance in the FC account is $542.99. Most of this was recently received from riders as donations toward our elections.


Quarterly meeting note taker: We are interested in a non-committee member taking on the role of note taker. These notes will be transcribed as a written record of the FC quarterly meetings.


Meeting with the Commissioners:  With the retirement of interim Public Works Director Dave Sheridan July 31 and the hiring of Public Works consultant Tom Ballard to temporarily fill the position until the end of the year, it is apparent that the Roundtable will not meet in the near future. A meeting with the Commissioners is necessary to ask questions about the Roundtable work plan, Deficit Reimbursement Report and fiscal year end Financial Report that was submitted to them June 30, 2009. The Deficit Reimbursement Report is not signed by the Commissioners and will be available around the end of September. It covers the fiscal year from July 2008 through June 2009.


Summer Public meeting: Glen recently contacted the Commissioners office and they still intend to come to the Community Center this summer for a community meeting to receive ridership feedback. Date and time TBA.


4th Crew member: Ferry Manager Ron Panzero has been directed to reduce ferry crew staffing to a three-person crew plus an additional “mid-watch” for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for July and August. This has not happened. The June staff schedule provided for the 10-hour mid-watch shift on all seven days of the week. This June staff schedule is still in place, and we are told no reduction in staffing will happen until after Labor Day.


Anacortes Side Security Cameras: Status of installation of parking lot surveillance cameras is unknown.


Ferry Committee Charter

We need to update our Charter’s election process but will wait until we understand what the Commissioners have in mind before doing so.



Note taker: Allen Bush

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