Meeting Notes: Ferry Committee Meeting with Ron Panzero, Ferry Manager 2009.05.13


May 13, 2009


Those present: Ron Panzero, Allen Bush, Carl Cady, Terry Ebersole, Dyvon Havens, Steve Orsini, Glen Veal



Ron says it went well. Some people complained about the smell from painting the aprons. One parking ticket was issued when someone parked in a driveway. Kiwanis’ lot was opened for overnight parking, except for the two eastern most spaces per Ron’s conversation with Anacortes Parks Director. Increased parking spaces with tighter lines was good. Ron wants to take a look at doing the haulouts in Sept/Oct vs. April/May, hoping to receive more bids at that time, plus the weather is usually nicer and would be better for painting. Need to continue working on a covered area for the passenger vessel to meet ADA. Two people fell, apparently tripping on the transition between the Arrow steel deck and planked surface.  Need to address safety concerns. Suggest calling a brainstorming meeting with those affected, plus reps from SKAT, Arrow Launch, marina people, Fire Dept., Guemes Connects to find solution to problems with disabled access. Gate needs to be lifted so people don’t have to walk under. Kudos to Arrow Launch Captain John for putting up steps during power outage. Fire Dept. may have generator to run the dock during power outages. Kudos for extra Monday garbage pick up, but needs to be arranged and announced earlier next time. Suggest that Ron P. give status report to ridership halfway through haulout next time to deflate rumors


County Ferry Web Site

Ron plans to do regular weekly or biweekly updates. Dyvon should send ridership the link for it. Ron will change the old form for disabled advanced-purchase ticket application to make it current.


Sunday Evening Rush Hours

Carl: There are 20% more cars in summer vs. winter, and 60% more passengers. Based on past years’ data, there will not be enough runs to get all the cars off the island during summer Sundays.


Ron will do what needs to be done to meet demand. Ron feels the R20080556, establishing the hours of ferry operation, dated 12.16/09 gives the Public Works Director the authority to meet customer demand. The County Commissioners are not interested in looking at changing the start/end times for one year.


GIFC suggestion to Ron: Run the boat more on Sunday afternoons. Have an extra Captain to cover for staggered breaks to eliminate the long dinner break. Ron will think about it, but he’s short of captains now. Also, anything that pertains to hours of work has to be negotiated with the union. It was also suggested that the alternate solutions to the Sunday schedule problem be tested in advance.


Plan A:  Crew will do what they can to meet demand. They will make as many extra trips as possible to attempt to accommodate high demand times.

Plan B:  Attempt to make three runs each on the 4:00 and 5:00 by not picking up cars (only dropping off cars) on the Anacortes side for the 2nd and 3rd runs.

Plan C:  Make continuous runs from Noon to 8 pm Sundays. Ron: Disadvantage is that people want specific departure times to plan by. GIFC: Moot point since the next run will always be only 20-25 minutes away.


Ron will start with Plan A and see how it goes. Memorial Day will be a good test weekend.


Summer/Winter Schedule

Ron agrees with GIFC that different summer and winter schedules are called for, but does not want to change the schedule now. People are tired of all the schedule changes. Can change it when everything changes again in January.


Fourth Crew Person

Ron: They are going to add a midwatch person starting in June. Have fourth person on Fridays now. Three crew are now scheduled to work one hour after each last run to clean up.


Carl: Data does not support bringing on extra crew on every shift. Average no. of cars per run, Monday through Thursday, in winter: 11. In summer (June-Aug): 12.5 cars. The only high traffic times in summer are weekends.



Best time to buy multi-use passes? Ron will ask crew.

Suggestions for finding info on machine ticket dispensing, explore TRI-MET in Portland, SKAT, and Sound Transit Seattle.


Cost Control

PW doesn’t have specific cost control guidelines, but staff uses good judgment.


Round Table

Ron wants the RT resolution rewritten. Glen: Could meet in a more public format. Dyvon: Purpose of RT is to reach consensus before bringing proposals to BOCC. Also RT creates an accountability venue. Ron will email GIFC a new draft resolution.


Road Widening

Waiting for Verizon to remove poles.


New Terminal

It’s back on the table as the County may get stimulus money to help. A large 6th St. improvement project is in the plans.


Surveillance Cameras

Waiting for action by Mike Almvig, County I.S. Dept. Ron’s priorities: #1 Terminal Bldg, #2 K Ave. parking lot.





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